Educational Objectives

A great school spends many years defining its expectations and building strong traditions.

We call the process Connecting the dots.

Here are some our primary educational objectives:

1. Core Academic Skills

Connect School students move on to higher education with exceptional academic skills. We emphasize mastery level skills in reading, writing and mathematics. We feature multiage grouping. Our processes and procedures provide focus and strengthen the school community.


2. Depth and Excellence


We honor our students with a great deal of responsibility and we expect them to live up to this honor.  Rather than seeing school as a task or job, students are given the responsibility to carry out academic projects, identify and use specific skills, produce exhibitions, and reflect on their work and their learning.


3. Values


The Connect School practices a tone of trust decency and excellence. We are aware, courageous, disciplined, we value knowledge, and we have fun.


4. Leadership


Connect school students lead by example. Our work is strong and accurate and beautiful. We are proud of what we do, proud of how we respect both ourselves and others. We produce responsible, courteous trustworthy student citizens.


5. Life Skills


Specific literacy skills include research, speaking, computer literacy, scientific literacy, mechanical literacy, and citizenship. Activities include Keyboarding and Technology, Exit Exam, History Day, S.T.E.M., and the National SAT EXAM


6. College Preparation


Connect School students understand the foundational importance of achievement and learning at a high level. They leave Connect prepared for high school honors classes, early college, and advanced placement. They have clear high school and college goals.


7. Transfer Skills


The goal of education is the effective use of acquired understanding, knowledge, and skills. There are only a small number of important long-term transfer goals in each subject area. Transfer skills are performance based, occur in new situations, and require a certain amount of student autonomy. Connect School emphasizes the teaching of transfer skills.

Coalition of Essential Schools

Ten Common Principles

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Coalition of Essential Schools

Ten Common Principles

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