Operating Principles

Our clear expectations are powered by thoughtful and disciplined execution.  A great school knows what it wants to achieve for its students and how it can do that.

Here is a list of the themes of our Educational Operations that affect every aspect of our school:

1. Depth in Leadership

Many schools rely on a single leader.  Connect school has a broad leadership team, including our Academic Coordinator, GeneralCoordinator / Liaison, Instructional and Support Principals, Lead teachers, and Lead Secretary.  Using the Agile management model we make the process of communication, collaboration, and support highly effective.  We are able to provide a broad range of high quality educational experiences and activities essential to our student centered approach.


2. Strong Faculty


Great teachers want to teach in great schools.  They want stability and an exciting and effective instructional design.  Teachers are drawn to strong school leadership and they want to learn from those who lead them.  They value our motivated students and supportive parents.  Connect school teachers are generalists committed to  the students and the school.  They believe in the school's mission and vision.


3. A Highly Developed and Faithfully Maintained Instructional Design


The Connect School is unique in its emphasis on planning and curriculum mapping.  Rigorous and relevant curriculum maps are developed and followed for every class and specific knowledge and skills are tied to core standards and measured by state and national testing and the SAT.  Nine weeks planners are shared with parents.

4. Assessment of System Effectiveness

Grades:  The Connect School uses classroom grading to document academic process.  We do not give group grades and we do not give zeros for work not done.  Grades matter and all students do all of the work.


Exhibitions:   The Connect School uses a long-term, project called Exhibitions, in which students demonstrate mastery of skills and content in a very challenging and informative way.  They learn to understand themselves as learners, learn how to work with others, and how to effectively communicate their ideas.  Exhibitions is a key element in an Essential School.


State Testing:   The school and parents need to know how a Connect School education ranks compared to others in Colorado and the nation.  The Connect School excels in high stakes testing.  We are currently ranked third in the state overall and  first in the state in both reading, and writing.


5. A Hybrid Learning Experience


The Connect School thrives on excellent planning, talented teachers and appropriate technology.  We expect our student to learn with teachers and other students in a traditional setting, but also to enjoy the power and excitement technology.  Our students enjoy a rich mix of instructional techniques.  Our mornings are spent in traditional classroom settings mastering core skills.  At noon, we transition to Connections (home room)  and afternoon block classes where we practice and apply our skills in labs, simulations, field trips, exhibitions, science, and social studies.


6. The City as Campus 


Our surroundings shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  Located on Santa Fe Avenue in the heart of Pueblo, The Connect School is surrounded by rich educational and cultural opportunities. The Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center, El Pueblo Museum, Rosemount Museum, the Rawlings Library, Mineral Palace Park, Pueblo Plaza Ice Arena, the Historic River Walk, and various government and commercial buildings are used to enrich the curriculum and provide students with physical and cultural activities.  One does not have to be in school to be in class.


7. School-Wide Professional Development  


The Connect School provides Connect School-specific development programs for its faculty.  The Connect School has spent many years developing and refining its highly effective culture, curriculum, and structure.  We are not an ordinary school.  We are a safe, supportive, nurturing school where habits of the mind and habits of the heart are taught and practiced in a student centered environment. Our teacher and administrative training provides the resources and programs that support and sustain this vision.


8. Ongoing Effort to Ensure Increasing Quality of Our Program


The Connect School is a mature school with outstanding programs and proven results.  We continually review our programs and reflect on our performance.   We are successful because we find what works and we stay the course.  Our summer planning and training efforts serve to evaluate and refresh our excellent program. We believe in continuous improvement.

Coalition of Essential Schools

Ten Common Principles

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