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There are many reasons why I love Connect. First, Connect has made me become a much more responsible and more rounded student and person. Connect has helped me prepare for college by our ACT Preparation classes and writing classes. Then, my favorite part of Connect is that nobody is left out. Your beliefs are respected even if you aren’t agreed with. Furthermore, Connect has taught me to be myself and try to be the best. Along with everything else I have learned, the advanced curriculum at Connect is very unique. In conclusion, that is why I love Connect.

Rachel, 7th Grade Student

There are so many ways Connect has changed me as a person. Before I attended Connect, I was a very quiet and shy person. Now, I am not afraid to state my own opinion and I have confidence in myself. Also, Connect helps you find your strengths as a person. As an 8th Grade student, I am confident that I will be successful in high school and college. The ACT Preparation class and participation in National History Day has taught me to work with other people and to prepare yourself for important days. I love Connect because your opinion matters to the faculty there too. Over my three year journey at Connect, I have learned that you need to learn and prepare to have a brighter future.

Seth, 8th Grade Student

Before I came to Connect, I went home stressed out about what would happen to me the next day in school. Connect has helped me relax and has encouraged me to do more things. Now, I come home every day with a smile on my face, and look forward to going back. My favorite part of Connect is that I feel safe. Being able to have fun every day helps me have more confidence in myself. Connect prepares it’s students for the future by the various extra curricular activities it offers. From National History Day, to ACT Preparation, Connect has it all. I am always treated maturely by all teachers too. Connect is my personal favorite when it comes to getting an excellent education.

Owen, 6th Grade Student

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